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Looking for Inspiration for Your Career Change?

Try “Vuja De”

You’ve probably heard of the term “ Déjà Vu”, that moment when you feel that you’ve experienced this situation before. Consciously flipping this on its head to “Vuja De” is a technique practised by successful creatives to actively look at familiar situations through a new lens. The term was coined by comedian George Carlin who refers to “Vuja De” in the middle of his comedy routine. A lot of comedy derives from observing everyday occurrences and relating them from another perspective (I’m thinking Michael McIntyre where he finds comedy in the most banal situations).

This technique could help you come up with new ideas for your next career by looking at what you already know or do, but with a fresh pair of eyes or a broader perspective.

Examining our past certainly helps us identify who we are, who has influenced us, where are skills and strengths lie and what our interests are But this can sometimes limit us when considering our futures. If you want to make a change, maybe consider taking a new approach. Use Vuja de to discover something new in something you’ve seen many times before.

Here are 4 tips for creating moments of Vuja de:

1. Take a walk. Put your thoughts on hold and get outside. When walking your brain releases a BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) protein which encourages new brain cell growth and effectively acts as a reset switch for your brain. When you get back, you can look at those ideas with a fresh pair of eyes.

2. Stop focussing on work. This in itself can be limiting, and you’ll often find that you keep coming back to the same ideas that are very similar to what you have been doing, because that feels comfortable. But you want to change, so how about trying something new? This could be signing up for a physical challenge, or joining a choir, or an art class. Through meeting new people you’ll get different perspectives on work and careers, and start discovering other things you enjoy which could set you on a whole new path.

3. Take your time. We often want to rush into the next thing, but allowing yourself to take time to explore different options, maybe volunteer or take some further qualifications is more likely to result in a successful, fulfilling change.

4. Think about your intentions. Once you’ve thought about what you might like to do, delve deeper and consider why you’re wanting to do it and what you can bring to it, which will help you see this option in a new light.

As the end of the year is approaching and you might be considering a career change, how could you use Vuja de to assist you? If you’d like to know more or find out how I could help you with your career change, get in touch for a free no obligation discovery call.

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