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Having never gone through a process like this before , I entered with an open mind and a hopeful intent , and Denise didn't let me down.  Her calm, logical , empathetic approach allowed me the space and time to explore my values, choices and opportunities.  With her helpful insight and expert guidance I think we both felt the 'light bulb' moment.  She has boosted my confidence and given me the tools and belief to pursue my career goals.  I now feel equipped and supported to take the next stage in my work life journey.  Thank you!

Kirstie W

I’ve recently completed a series of career coaching sessions with Denise. After a long break from work to raise children, I was considering a change of career but feeling a bit lost and didn’t know where to start. Denise guided me through a series of exercises to identify my skills, values and motivations. We then moved on to exploring a range of potentially suitable roles. I left the sessions feeling much clearer and with an action plan to work through to achieve my new goals. Denise is warm, informative and easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to anyone considering a career change.

Lisa K

Albert Einstein once said, “life is like a riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. But what if your world has been turned upside down by a pandemic and it has abruptly and irrevocably changed the employment landscape? What if home-schooling has had an impact on your work? How do you keep on moving forward then?

Well, if you are lucky, you will find a highly-skilled career coach to help you to steer “your bicycle” in the right direction. In my case, this was Denise Tuke. During our four weekly sessions, Denise was a brilliant sounding board. Through her thoughtful and insightful questions and some creative exercises, she enabled me to identify my key skills, values and motivations in the workplace.

With her extensive corporate experience, Denise has a very calm, empathetic and methodical way of delivering her sessions. She is also realistic and understands the challenges of juggling a career and family life in a post-lockdown world. Whereas I was considering retraining and embarking on a new career, Denise’s sessions have reminded me of the skills I already have.

I would wholeheartedly recommend booking some sessions with Denise if you are seeking clarity about your next career move – she will empower you and definitely ensure that you are “moving” in the best direction.


I had been looking around for a career coach and a friend recommended Denise. I’ve not worked since having children and after over eight years as a stay at home mum, was struggling to decide what I wanted to do next or even how to make it fit in with life. I liked that Denise offered a set number of sessions, it felt like a good kickstart, and we established objectives to be reached by the end. I have come out of my four sessions with a clearer idea of my work values, what I can offer to employers, and a plan of action going forward. I liked being accountable each week as it meant I really worked through all the exercises given to make the most of the sessions. I would recommend to anyone looking for clarity in finding or developing their own way forward with their career.

Victoria D

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